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The establishment and evolution of Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University is one of the most representative evidence of the effectiveness of the initiative, even in a conservative area such as university education.


About the Faculty of Marketing

  The Marketing Faculty aims to be a promoter in launching innovative ideas, to mark the paths of economic research, to influence through its scientific approaches in the development of education materials,
books, monographs, treaties, specialized articles, etc, about the economic and social development of Romania and its European integration. The program of studies provides, through the proposed disciplines, the formation of general competencies, of knowledge, and also analyzing and interpreting. Specialized skills are materialized in acquiring specific knowledge, training in methods of investigation of economic phenomena in general and those in the field of marketing, as well as in the development of skills and organizational ones. The Faculty of marketing is concerned with increasing the creativity of its students through the activity of scientific research and aims to familiarize the students with specialization by using computer equipment useful in the execution of specific marketing activities.


Accreditation ARACIS
   UCDC is accredited by law 238/2002, with an institutional evaluation, evaluated by ARACIS with HIGH DEGREE of RELIABILITY, the highest rating that can be given to a University in Romania.

Graduation Program

   It is created based on the current needs for the training of specialists in the field of marketing.

Career opportunities

   The Faculty of Marketing provides a high level of training and competitiveness after students’ graduation, which gives them a wide range of professional competence in accordance with the requirements of the labor market in Romania and Europe, and the classification of occupations in Romania.


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