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Scientific research is an essential component of the activity of the teachers of the Faculty of Marketing. The Mission of scientific research in the Department of Marketing is to generate knowledge, to disseminate and exploit the knowledge gained through scientific research. In fulfilling its mission, aiming at strengthening and developing competitive scientific research, nationally and internationally, and increasing the visibility of publications in peer-reviewed journals/volumes listed in the prestigious spirit of the complex approach to the process of knowledge in the light of the three poles: research, development, innovation

    To strengthen scientific research from our faculty, in January 2012 and December 2013, we carried out a research theme: The correlation between skills and knowledge with the requirements of the labor market, with the participation of teachers from the Faculty of Marketing and from the University. Download here the theme of the research plan..

    Between 1-5 April, 2013 “A different Kind of week” takes place, an activity which is aimed at the graduates of high school. - download here.

    Scientific sessions

    International Conference of teachers from Faculties of Management Tourism and commercial Marketing, organized in the period 10-12 May 2013

    International Marketing

    10-12 May 2013
    -48 articles published in International Journal of Academic Research in Accounting, Finance and Management Sciences (Human Resource Management Academic Society) – 17 BDI- on economic topics

    18-20 April 2013
    - Journal Quality -Access to Success ( 4 BDI: SCOPUS, EBSCO, CABELL’S Directories and PROQUEST)
    - The Annals of the Faculty of MTC (being indexed in 3 BDI)
    - The Journal Knowledge Horizons – Economics-( 3 BDI)

    Room 130
    Deadline for submission of documentation to scientific events –applications:

    Responsible: Dean
    Manoela Popescu, Professor PhD
    Andreea Baltaretu, Associate Professor PhD

    Participation fee:
    250 Ron /piece of work for participants from outside UCDC.





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