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The Faculty of Marketing



Specialized Practice. Within the curriculum of the faculty (The Bologna System) is stipulated a level of specialized practice of 90 hours, in the last week of the educational activity of Semester IV. This internship aims at knowing the specifics of marketing, deepening certain aspects concerning the organization, promoting and managing of marketing activities, the practical methods of economic research activities. Assessment of knowledge after the probationary practice is made by a colloquium, with grades from 1 to 10. At the Colloquium of practical activity, the students present besides the confirmation certificate of internship within the practical hours and specifications of daily practice Ė a work of personal information submitted in one of the featured themes for this purpose, consequently students are bound to deepen the knowledge of specialized practice. The foundations of the practical activity will be held in representative, research institutes as well as e-commerce companies with private, public or mixed capital. In order to improve efficiency, the management of the faculty grouped the students in two categories, depending on their options, related to the basis of the practical activity:

  • students who wish to carry out their practical activity in a practical unit established by the faculty;
  • students who wish to develop their practical activity in an economic unit chosen by each.

            The most representative practical units offered by the Faculty of Marketing were located at the level of the marketing departments of public and private institutions: The Institute of Marketing, The Romanian Center for the Promotion of Commerce and Foreign Investments, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania. The setting of the practical activity shall be implemented by the leadership of the Faculty of Marketing based on the prior identification and management of economic units and the agreement of the research institutions, resulted in a bilateral Convention. The choice of the units is achieved through a mechanism, based on a previous occupational relationship established between the teachers and the leading economic units or research institutions, the successful steps in this regard being a result of the interest of some of the businesses offices to meet and select the young specialists for their future activity.


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