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Bachelor's degree program of "Marketing" provides –by suggested disciplines- the forming of of general competences, knowledge or analysis and interpretation, as well as some specialized competentences focused on acquiring specific knowledge in the domain. The program also provides learning how to investigate economic phenomena in general and those in marketing in particular, developing execution and organizational skills.
By the contents of disciplines included in the curriculum, Bachelor's degree program of "Marketing" provides  specialized competencies to its graduates, in accordance with the requirements of the labor market in Romania and Europe.
Classification of Occupations in Romania (COR 2011) for the following functions / occupations possible:

241909 - Organizer protocol
241910-  Organizer relationships
241911 -    Trade and  Fairs organizer
241912-  Presenter exhibitions
241919-  Project Manager
244101- Expert economist in management
244101- Inspector economist in management
244101-  Referent economist in management
244104- Councillor economist in trade and marketing
244104-  Expert economist in trade and marketing
244104-  Inspector economist in trade and marketing
244104-  Referent economist in trade and marketing
244701- Specialist in public relations
244703-  Marketing reviewer
258109- Researcher economist in marketing
258110- Research assistant economist in marketing


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